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Tennis represents leisure, class, wealth, and pure elegance. The same is true for Novak Djokovic. He was born on May 22, 1987, and is the Serbian maestro dominating the tennis world. Currently ATP’s world No. 1 in singles, Djokovic has held this prestigious position for an unmatched 408 weeks over 13 different years. His unparalleled achievements on the court have gained him huge success, fame and fans worldwide. So, what cologne does the world’s top-ranked tennis player use?

Novak Djokovic wears Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him and The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors cologne. Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him was launched in 2021 and has classic notes of green notes, lime , Eucalyptus and cedar. The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors is atimesless scent with a blend of cooling green, yellow floral, and bright citrus. It was initially launched in 2012 , the new version was formulated in 2021.

In this blogpost, you will discover a lot about Djokovic’s go-to- fragrances , I will review the ingredients, sillage , longevity and overall performance of each cologne to help you in your cologne buying decision making. So, without further ado….Let’s get into it !

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Novak Djokovic Scent: 2 Colognes He Wears

World No. 1 in tennis, Novak Djokovic is the ambassador for French brand Lacoste. Lacoste started in 1933 and is one of the leading brands in the world.

He first teamed up with Lacoste back in 2017 an has extended his contract up to 2025. This deal is worth million of dollars.

But, despite all this success, Novak is a grounded family man who believes in the simplicity of life. So, here are the 2 colognes Novak Djokovic wears;

1)Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him

Novak Djokovic wears L.12.12 Blanc Edition Eau de Parfum( for him), is a timeless classic that wins in both presentation and packaging. This fragrance captivates from the first spray.

The top notes feature Green Notes and Finger Lime, complemented by Eucalyptus and Cardamom in the middle, and anchored by Pine Tree and Cedar in the base.

It emits a post-shower freshness, resembling lime-infused soap with a pleasing woody undertone.

Fragrance NameL.12.12 Eau de Parfum Blanc For Him
Fragrance TypeWoody Aromatic
Launch Year2021
PerfumersMarie Salamagne and Ane Ayo
Top NotesGreen Notes, Finger Lime
Middle NotesEucalyptus, Cardamom
Base NotesPine Tree, Cedar
Source: scenturban.com

The longevity isn’t pretty awful I’d say, you get a solid two-hour max. Despite the brief longevity, its refreshing scent effortlessly blends with bad smells of morning breath, sweat, and testosterone( yapp)

It really does the job, bringing in that tropical vibe with some fantastic added depth vibes. The inclusion of green notes (I’m a sucker for those) enhances the overall appeal.

Plus, it’s a safe bet for all warm weather occasions, just be mindful not to go overboard on the sprays. In a nutshell, it’s just fantastic-smelling stuff. I totally vouch for it!

2)The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors ( Unisex)

Fragrance TypeAromatic Green
GenderWomen and Men
Launch Year2012, New Version 2021
PerfumerJosh Meyer

The second fragrance associated with Tennis is Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors. This fragrance has quiet a story and here is it’s story. Josh Meyer, the perfumer and founder of Soft Lawn, Imaginary Authors and an avid tennis enthusiast, crafted this cologne from his Wimbledon inspiration( quiet a genius if you ask me).

Reflecting on the genesis of Soft Lawn, Meyer shared that it all started with the vision of sitting at Wimbledon and enjoying cucumber sandwich.

That is where it all began from. But wait, did this cologne exist years back? Yes, Soft Lawn made its debut as part of Imaginary Author’s inaugural product release around a decade ago( 2012).

In a recent version update( 2021), Meyer retained the same notes and materials, ensuring a consistent scent experience.

Despite all these years, this fragrance remains a prominent and much-discussed scent within tennis sport industry. Meyer attributes its enduring popularity to the incorporation of fresh tennis ball .

If you love the smell of fresh tennis balls, you will love Soft Lawn Fragrance.

Image Source: COVETEUR

My Personal Experience: I was surprised by how little green it had. It’s incredibly light, floral, and refreshing. The sweet undertones of yellow florals stand out, and there’s a subtle hint of a “tennis ball” note that’s not too overbaring, lending a touch of rubberiness. I believe this could make for a delightful room fragrance.

A friend’s Experience: so my buddy snagged this cologne last year, and here’s the lowdown comparing the old and new ones.

Old one:

Kicks off with a hefty linden blossom blast—super green yet sweet yellow floral. Personally, it’s intoxicating, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Gradually melds into a mix of green ivy and damp laurel leaves. The background vibes? Picture beautiful deep moss and earthy vetiver. It captures the essence of a hot tennis evening at the local country club. Fantastic but a bit trickier for casual wear; shines better in formal settings compared to the new one”.

New one:

Opens with a cool grapefruit and linden blossom combo. Think cooling green, yellow floral, and bright citrus, perfect for a spring or summer morning. The freshness vibes extend to laurel, ivy, and laurel leaves, still the core of the fragrance. That unique tennis ball accord is there, but less overpowering with the added freshness. In a nutshell, it’s super fresh, effortlessly unique, and evocative. Same scene as the old one but more romantically portrayed with a morning-fresh twist, making it a daily go-to”.

Both pack a decent punch in projection and performance on my skin. Nearly finished both bottles, and it’s a bummer they don’t stock the old formula anymore. In short, both are absolute gems.

How to Smell Like Novak Djokovic?

Image Source: WaterDrop EU

To really get to smell like Novak Djokovic, get his signature scents- Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him and Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors.

Both Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him and Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors share a common thread of timeless elegance and freshness

To make sure these scents are layered out well, practise Cleanliness and always have a refreshing bath in the morning. Also, revamp your wardrobe.

A well-chosen attire will enhance the overall experience, allowing you to exude the sophistication and uniqueness associated with the world-renowned tennis champion.

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Final Thoughts

As a tennis fan and super die-hard fan of Novak Djokovic, I can confidently say that I do not regret trying out these scents one bit.

At first, I was sceptical but after saying yes to soft lawn( 2021 Version) , I say it is really that good. I say the same for Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Eau De Parfum For Him . My boyfriend at the time really loved it. If you have a friend, colleague or a sibling who is a tennis fan, gift them one of these.

By Raphaël John

Raphaël John is a highly skilled fragrance writer who resides in the bustling city of New York. Born and raised in the city, Raphaël has always been fascinated by the art of scent and how it can be used to evoke emotions, memories, and experiences. As a fragrance writer, Raphaël possesses a unique ability to capture the essence of a scent and transform it into captivating and evocative prose.

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