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What Perfume Does Selena Gomez Wear?

Hey Selenator. You probably already support Selena’s music and acting career. But, do you know that Selena Gomez loves smelling good. Yeah, she does. So, what fragrance does the most followed woman on Instagram use?

Selena Gomez adorns herself with her own fragrance, Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray, which she introduced in 2012. She played an active role in its development and even engaged her fans in selecting its ingredients. On certain occasions, she also wears the scents of Daisy Eau So Fresh, Dream Forever, and Daisy Honey, all created by Marc Jacobs.

Here’s a full review of 5fragrances that Selena Gomez uses. I got to wear all these perfumes and I am glad to be sharing my experience with you all.

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5 Perfumes that Selena Gomez Wears

1) Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray

Top NotesPineapple, Raspberry, Peach, Orange
Middle NotesBlackberry, Freesia, Musk
Base NotesDark Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut, Amber

Selena Gomez wears her own fragrance called ” Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray“. This perfume was introduced in the market in 2012.

What I love about this fragrance is that Selena Gomez was personally involved in creating it. She even invited her fans to help her choose ingredients.

How? Well, Selena Gomez engaged her fans by allowing them to participate through the website selena-gomez-perfumes.com.

Fans were given the opportunity to vote for three essential components of the perfume, resulting in the triumphant selection of raspberry as the top note, freesia as the middle note, and vanilla as the base note.

Alongside raspberry, the fragrance’s opening encompasses delightful fruity elements like sweet orange, pineapple, and peach. The heart of the perfume comprises purple freesia.

On Friday, April 13, 2012, Selena Gomez, the former Disney starlet, revealed the inspiration behind her fragrance as she reminisced about her admiration for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s “little body sprays” from her younger days.

The singer and actress, now venturing into the world of cosmetics, found it to be a natural transition and desired to create a fragrance that truly reflected her essence.

In an interview with US Weekly, she shared her long-standing aspiration to create her own fragrance, sparked by her fondness for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s body sprays.

Selena also discussed her decision to name the perfume after herself, explaining, “It’s called my name because I didn’t want to get all philosophical with my first one.” She aimed for the fragrance to be a representation of her personality, describing it as “fun, very sophisticated, and also fruity.” She playfully added, “The only way I can describe it is yummy!” (source: pressparty)

Compared to other over prized perfumes, Selena indeed created this master piece for her fans . It is soft and not that expensive . You will also love the fact that it can stay on skin for 3-4 hours.

2)Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

Top NotesGreen Notes, Raspberry, Pear, Grapefruit
Middle NotesViolet, Litchi, Apple Blossom, Rose, Jasmine
Base NotesMusk, Plum, Virginia Cedar

The second fragrance Selena Wears is Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs. This perfume was launched in 2011 . Since then, a lot of celebrities wear it including our very own queen Selena Gomez.

Now, this perfume has a fruity soft scent. At first sniff, it opens up to notes of Raspberry, Pear and Grapefruit.

You will also notice middle notes of Apple Blossom, Rose and Jasmine. Lastly, as it settles on skin, you get get notes of Musk, Plum and Virginia Cedar.

If you want to support her , you can get your self this youthful scent. It is can be worn for both spring and summer.

The longevity isn’t that bad , you get 2 hours of smelling fresh. Aside from wearing this perfume, Selena is a huge fan of Marc Jacobs and has continued to rock the brand’s clothing and Jewellery.

3)Daisy Dream Forever by Marc Jacobs Spray

Top NotesBlackberry, Pear, Grapefruit
Middle NotesWisteria, Litchi, Jasmine
Base NoteWhite Woods

Selena Gomez does love Marc Jacobs. You can tell. This explains why she also rocks almost all Marc Jacob’s fragrances including Daisy Dream Forever by Marc Jacobs Spray.

This fragrance was launched in 2015 and is perfectly made for the modern woman .

Daisy Dream Forever by Marc Jacobs Spray is a delightful concoction that opens up to a freshness of grapefruit. As the fragrance gradually settles on your skin, you will get the warm undertones of jasmine and white woods.

With each spritz, you get a fresh scent that smells like absolutely great. So why pick Daisy Dream Forever ? It’s simple- Longevity.

Whether you’re attending a daytime event, enjoying a romantic evening or going for a road trip, this fragrance stays on you for 6 hours making sure that you continue to surprise everyone around you.

Selena Gomez adorns herself with Daisy Dream Forever by Marc Jacobs Spray and she exudes confidence and charm. It’s a feminine scent that resonates with her personality and she really extends that same vibe to her fans.

Also, as I die-hard fan of Selena Gomez, I absolutely adore this fragrance. After using Eau de Sexy from Victoria’s Secret for three years, I felt the desire for a change.

That’s when I cam across this perfume, and it has become my signature scent ever since. I don’t regret it.

4)Daisy  By Marc Jacobs

Top NotesStrawberry, Violet Leaf, Ruby Red Grapefruit
Heart NotesGardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine
Base NotesMusk, White Woods, Vanilla
Source: Scent Urban

Launched in 2007. Daisy By Marc Jacobs is another feminine perfume you should try out. I have a confession- of all Marc Jacob’s perfumes that I tried, this one stayed the longest on my skin.

I remember wearing it for Coachella last year and it lingered for about 7 hours.

Now, this perfume has the best soothing notes. With jasmine, white wood and hints of vanilla, it is a classic. Also, it’s light structure is perfect for any spring or summer vibe.

I’d say, start with a few spritzes and see how it develops on your skin. But, if Selena Gomez wears it herself, who are you not to embrace this feminine scent and enjoy the allure and enchantment it brings?

5)Marc Jacobs Honey

Top NotesPunch, Pear, Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesHoneysuckle, Peach, Orange Blossom
Base NotesHoney, Vanilla, Woodsy Notes

Lastly, another great fragrance Selena Gomez wears is Marc Jacobs Honey. Launched in 2013 and created by Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb, this perfume is truly remarkable.

Where do I begin? It’s simply AMAZING! True to its name, “honey,” it gives you that sweet and incredibly feminine aroma that will undoubtedly earn you numerous compliments.

The size of the bottle is generous enough, and you’ll find that only 2 or 3 sprays are sufficient since the scent is strong without being overpowering, striking a perfect balance.

For all the fans of Marc Jacobs fragrances, Honey is an absolute must-have! Although I adore Marc Jacobs’ Dot and Daisy, this particular fragrance has captured my heart.

Additionally, the packaging is charming, adding an extra touch of visual appeal for those who appreciate aesthetics.

One downside worth mentioning is that Honey has a light projection. However, if you prefer perfumes that are not overly strong, this is the perfect choice for you.

Its lightness makes it an ideal fragrance for both summer and spring seasons, bringing a touch of sweetness and freshness to your day.

What Does Selena Gomez Smell Like?

Selena Gomez smells like Blackberry, Freesia, Musk and a bit of jasmine.

She loves light, feminine, smooth and not overly powering scents. This explains why she wears her own fragrance called Selena by Selena Gomez.

She also wears Daisy Eau So Fresh and dream forever both by Marc Jacobs.

How to Smell Great Like Selena Gomez

Image Source: In Style

It is actually easy to smell like your Idol, Selena Gomez. Here are some tips on how to smell great just like her:

  • Discover Selena’s preferred fragrances: Start by exploring the fragrances I have listed above that Selena Gomez herself has endorsed or worn. This will give you a starting point to find scents that resonate with her personal style.
  • Embrace fruity and floral notes: Selena Gomez often gravitates towards fragrances that incorporate fruity and floral notes. Look for ingredients like berries, citrus fruits, jasmine, or rose. These elements will help you capture the fresh and feminine aura that Selena exudes.
  • Opt for long-lasting formulas: To have a Selena scent, choose perfumes with long-lasting formulations. Luckily for you, all the perfumes I have listed above have greater staying power throughout the day, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance for an extended period.
  • Experiment with different scents: Selena Gomez does not wear one signature scent. She has a couple that she absolutely loves. You can start by wearing Daisy for a couple of weeks, then try out Dreams for ever to decide on which one you will wearing. You can also wear them both for different occasions.
  • Pay attention to application: Apply your chosen fragrance correctly for the best results. Focus on pulse points, such as the wrists, neck, and behind the ears, as they emanate heat and enhance the projection of the scent. Remember to apply your fragrance sparingly, as a little goes a long way.

While at it, don’t forget to create your own unique signature scent.

Experiment with different combinations of perfumes and personal preferences to find a fragrance that reflects your individuality and makes you feel confident and beautiful, just like Selena herself.

Remember, smelling great like Selena Gomez is not just about the perfume you wear but also about embracing your own personal style and confidence.

Use her fragrance choices as inspiration, but ultimately, let your own personality shine through.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Selena Gomez Favorite Perfume?

Selena Gomez’s favorite perfume is Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray and Daisy Eau so fresh by Marc jacobs. She also likes to wear Dreams Forever by Marc Jacobs for spring and summer.

Does Selena Gomes have her own Fragrance Line?

Selena Gomez launched her first ever perfume called Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray in 2012. However , as per now, it has been discontinued but still available for purchase online.


There you have it selenators. Remember, Selena Gomez loves fruity, soft and light scents.

You can try all the fragrances she loves and see what works for you. Let me know in the comment section if you have ever worn her own fragrance Selena Gomez Eau De Parfum Spray .

Did you like it? Personally I did!


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