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What Perfume Does Taylor Swift Wear?

I am so excited for this post! I got an email from a Taylor Swift fan that read” I want to attend a listening party organised by Taylor Swift for her fans and I would like to know the perfume that she wears or loves. Is there any perfume that you recommend? What perfume does Taylor Swift Wear?”

Taylor Swift Wears wonderstruck enchanted, Taylor by Taylor Swift that she created. She is also known to wear Bronze Goddess by Estée Launder , Santal Blush and Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. She loves fruity , floral and wood notes that are known to give a much better longevity, performance and versatility.

As a Taylor Swift my self, I have put up 10 of the best fragrances worn by the Shake it off singer. So, if you want to support Taylor Swift or Smell like the star , get your self one of these.

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How I Compiled Taylor Swift’s List of Loved Scents

When it comes to the perfumes that Taylor Swift wears , you can rest assured that the ones I have compiled are the ones she truly wears and enjoys.

As a dedicated Swifty , I was once chosen by Taylor Swift as part of 500 fans who got handpicked to attend one of her private listening sessions. I could easily tell the fragrance she wore just by observing notes .

That was not all, after the listening session, I casually sifted through Taylor’s interviews, publications, and social media posts to curate a list of fragrances she has expressed her fondness for.

Secondly, I did a research and attention to detail and looked into reliable sources such as fan clubs , reddit and YouTube interviews to uncover the fragrances that have captured Taylor’s heart.

From her own line of perfumes to the scents created by renowned brands, each selection on this list has been carefully chosen based on Taylor’s own declarations and preferences.

Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Favorite Fragrances

1)Santal Blush, Tom Ford

Top NotesCinnamon, Spices, Caraway, Fenugreek, Carrot Seeds
Middle NotesYlang-Ylang, Jasmine, Rose
Base NotesSandalwood, Benzoin, Virginia Cedar, Musk, Agarwood (Oud)

Santal Blush, Tom Ford is one of the perfumes Taylor Swift wears and it is easy to tell why? First, this fragrance is exotic with distinct notes of sandalwood , rose, Jasmine and Cedar that last all day.

Secondly, It is a feminine, sensual scent for sure and Taylor Swift has been known for wearing this perfume to reputation secret sessions .

This alluring perfume perfectly aligns with Tay Tay’s personality, as the fragrance exudes confidence and charm, just like the extroverted star herself

As a fan of the star , you’re either going to love this or not, there is no in- between .

If you’re a fan oudy, sandalwoods with a dash of jasmine and rose, you should like this one.

I also think that if you loved Le Labo Santal 33 , you are going to love this too. Usually most Tom Ford’s fragrances are heavy scented , but you will find Santal Blush lovely.

Surprisingly, even Niall Horan wears it. That shows that it is that good !

2)Flowerbomb, Viktor&Rolf

Top NotesTea, Bergamot, Osmanthus
Middle NotesOrchid, Jasmine, Rose, Freesia, Orange Flower
Base NotesPatchouli, Musk, Vanilla

This is another floral fragrance that Taylor Swift adores . Please allow me to share a personal experience. I remember attending secret sessions in Switzerland, where I met a fellow Swiftie who smelt absolutely amazing.

I asked her what she wore and she revealed it to be Flowerbomb. I was impressed, and what struck me was its sweet, vanilla aroma .

Now, flowerbomb has a perfect mix of vanilla, musk, bergamot, and orchid. The vanilla sort of adds a warm and comforting touch, while musk provides a subtle sensuality. Not to forget the refreshing essence of bergamot.

You will love how delicate the floral tones are especially the presence of orchid that contributes to its overall allure.

As a versatile fragrance, it is suitable for various seasons, but it is particularly recommended for summer time. Besides being perfect for summer, its longevity isn’t bad at all.

Trust me you can hit 10+ hours with this one. All you want is to smell great all day, right ?

So yeah, Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf offers you longevity, performance and sileage. You also get to experience ascent Taylor wears that aligns with her beliefs, personality and character.

3)Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford

Top NotesTobacco Leaf, Spicy Notes
Middle NotesVanilla, Cacao, Tonka Bean, Tobacco Blossom
Base NotesDried Fruits, Woody Notes

Tobacco Vanille, Tom Ford is a favorite for many stars including Miley Cyrus and One Direction’s Harry Styles .

As a Taylor Swift fan, I am sure you appreciate unique artistry, sophistication, and the power of a good fragrance. Allow me to introduce you to TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille, a fragrance worn by like Taylor.

This fragrance is expertly crafted with rich blends of , velvety tobacco notes , luscious vanilla and Tobacco Blossom. It kind of shows Taylor Swift’s ability to effortlessly blend different genres and styles.

If concerns about longevity have crossed your mind, rest assured. This fragrance boasts remarkable staying power, effortlessly lasting all day without fading away.

My personal experience with this fragrance in Paris reaffirmed its exceptional longevity, as its enticing scent remained on my clothes for days, persisting even after undergoing laundry.

When you wear TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille as a Taylor Swift fan, you not only embrace a scent of undeniable sophistication, but also align yourself with the epitome of luxury.

This fragrance is a statement of your refined taste, quality and attention to detail which are huge perks.

Just as Taylor Swift’s music resonates with millions, let TOM FORD Tobacco Vanille become your signature scent. And, oh yes it is a unisex fragrance.

4)Taylor, Taylor Swift

TopLitchi, Tangerine, Magnolia Petals
MiddleVanilla Orchid, Peony, Hortensia
Base Sandalwood, Apricot, Cashmere Musk, Woody Notes

Taylor by Taylor Swift is another fragrance that was launched in 2013 for women.

Contrary to her first initial two fragrances, which took inspiration from fairy tales, this Taylor fragrance stands out as it intimately resonates with the singer due to its reflection of her creativity and distinctive style.

The Taylor fragrance is characterized by beautiful, warm, fresh, and calming notes. One notable aspect is the strong presence of apricot, which is an aromatic note.

If you are somewhat a fan of sensuality and tranquillity, you will not go wrong with this one.

It has impressive longevity ( I got 5-8 hours on my skin and clothes) . It also strikes a balance between a mature scent and laid back vibe.

I’m curious about why Taylor Swift no longer releases perfumes. Her previous fragrances were exceptional, and I believe they could compete with the popular scents from artists like Selena Gomez , Rihanna and Ariana Grande’s Cloud Perfume, particularly among the younger audience.

Considering Taylor’s significantly expanded fan base, especially among the younger crowd, I can easily see her creating more perfumes in the future.

Her old fragrance releases became huge instant success stories and sold rapidly globally.

5)Wonderstruck, Taylor Swift

Top NotesRaspberry, Blackberry, Tea, Apple Blossom, Freesia
Middle NotesVanille, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus
Base NotesPeach, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

By the way, if you observe carefully, you’ll discover a fascinating pattern across numerous fragrances crafted by Taylor Swift.

It seems that sandalwood, apple, and vanille are recurring elements infused in her scent compositions.

For example, sandalwood, with its warm and woody aroma is quiet a popular choice in perfumery for adding depth and richness to fragrances.

The same is true for Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. This fragrance( Launched in 2011) has the allure of sandalwood, infusing it with other mesmerizing notes of Hibiscus and freesia to create an interesting scent.

If you sniff this perfume for the first time , you will get sweet berries. Some fans have described it as syrupy like.

This perfume will remind you of Britney Spear’s Midnight Fantasy Spray.

You will get some nostalgia . The scent projects remarkably well, and its longevity spans approximately 7 hours. You can reserve it for occasions.

But, best part is you can wear it to any both formally and causally.

6)Moon Sparkle, Escada

Top NotesStrawberry, Black Currant, Red Apple, Citruses
Middle NotesSweet Pea, Freesia, Jasmine, Rose
Base NotesRaspberry, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

Why do I get red bull vibes with the packaging? LOL . Anyway, this fragrance deviates significantly from the scents I typically wear nowadays and reminds me of my late teenage years.

Had I discovered it back then, I would have adored it and potentially made it my signature scent for a year. I was impressed by its longevity on skin which was 4-7 Hours.

It sort of leans heavily towards fruity notes, making it an appealing choice for those who enjoy fruity scents.

At initial application, the most prominent note you will detect is red apple. However, within a minute, the fragrance goes through an evolution, and the delightful sweetness of strawberry and blackcurrant comes through.

There is also a subtle presence of citruses, adding a touch of freshness to the overall composition.

While floral notes are not so strong in Moon Sparkle, you can discern the delicate presence of freesia, sweet pea, rose, and jasmine.

Their contribution adds a subtle floral dimension to the scent without overpowering the fruity elements.

This fragrance is pretty much hard to find in stores. However if you do not get it, check out Be enchanted, Paris Amour, Be enchanted, Secret Wonderland or Dark Kiss.

7)Viva La Juicy, Juicy Couture

Top NotesWild Berries, Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesGardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Base NotesCaramel, Praline, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood

I love the packaging. First, it screams loyalty. Viva la Juicy enjoys considerable popularity, and when I stumbled upon it at an affordable price, I thought it was worth a try.

Despite being categorized as a gourmand fragrance, it manages to strike a balance without becoming excessively rich or overwhelming.

It proves to be an ideal choice for a spring day when the weather can be unpredictable. However, due to its light and inoffensive nature, it may be less suitable as an evening fragrance.

Ater spraying, you will experience a well-balanced fusion of fruity and floral notes. None of the individual notes overpower or dominate the composition.

It creates a pleasant scent that those near you will appreciate without overwhelming them or filling the room. Throughout the day, the fruity and floral blend gradually subsides, making way for the delightful emergence of praline, vanilla, and caramel notes.

This is where Viva La Juicy truly shines for me.

You will encounter challenges with caramel notes, particularly in fragrances where they tends to come across as synthetic, cloying, and overpowering. However, the caramel in Viva La Juicy is crafted impeccably. It blends so well with the other notes and gradually fades away in a pleasing manner.

The longevity isn’t pretty bad either, you get 4-5 hours even on a a bad day.

8)Bronze Goddess, Estee Lauder

Top NoteCoconut
Middle NoteTiare Flower
Base NotesVanilla, Amber, Sandalwood

Imagine being in love with a fragrance that not only Taylor Swift wears and also offers a versatile experience.

I can personally attest to the enchantment Bronze Goddess, Estee Lauder as I have the EDP, Skin Scent, and the body cream.

What makes this fragrance truly exceptional is its ability to last longer than most of her other fragrances. But don’t be mistaken, this fragrance isn’t limited to a specific season or occasion.

I find myself reaching for it year-round, whenever I yearn for ascent that will is feminine yet mysterious.

Another great remarkable quality of this perfume is its calming nature. It wraps you in a serene mood , soothing your senses and providing a sense of inner peace.

Whether you are having a bad day at work or simply want to unwind, this fragrance can really calm you down.

Besides having hints of coconut, amber and sandalwood, it also gracefully blends into any environment, making it office-friendly and suitable for all occasions.

It can stay on skin for about 6-7 hours . Plus, you can confidently wear it knowing that it will never offend or overpower those around you.

So, if you seek a fragrance that can give you beach vibes, I can’t recommend it enough. Indulge yourself in its calming embrace.

9)Midnight Rain, La Prairie

Top NotesGuava, Pomegranate, Freesia, Mandarin Orange
Middle NotesVanilla Orchid, Plum Blossom, Lily, Hyssop
Base NotesPatchouli, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Vetiver

Believe me when I say, this perfume is the ultimate “man magnet” scent that you’ve been seeking. I had a similar experience myself.

Last summer , I walked into Sephora , desperate for a fragrance that would captivate the attention of men( Oops!) . The perfume salesperson chuckled and handed me this very scent.

And, let me tell you ladies, it has been a game-changer ever since for real.

The moment it lands on your skin, you’ll realize it’s unlike anything you’ve smelled before, I can bet on that.

It’s a unique blend of Vanilla Orchid, Plum Blossom, Lily, and Hyssop that’s hard to put into words, but the result is a dry down of Patchouli, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Vetiver.

Be prepared to receive compliments and inquiries about the enchanting fragrance you’re wearing. But here’s the best part: not only will you fall in love with this perfume, but your significant other will too.

My Ex boyfriend couldn’t resist the aromatic scent of this fragrances, and it played a significant role in our relationship. The captivating notes of Mandarin Orange, musk and Vetiver had him hooked, and I’m confident it will have the same effect on your loved one.

Now, when it comes to purchasing this perfume, let me assure you that the price on Amazon is a steal compared to department stores.

You’ll find a great deal without compromising on the quality and allure of the fragrance. It’s 100% a win-win situation without breaking the bank.

And here’s a fun fact for you: even Taylor Swift wears it. If it’s that good enough for her, you can rest assured that you’re making a fashionable and alluring choice. So, mate , don’t hesitate to try it out. It’s a decision you’ll thank yourself for.

10)Hot Couture, Givenchy

Top NotesRaspberry, Bergamot, Orange
Middle NotesPepper, Vetiver, Magnolia
Base NotesSandalwood, Amber, Musk

Imagine being in the glamorous world of Taylor Swift, where style and sophistication meet.

The iconic Hot Couture by Givenchy is a game changer. This fragrance has gained a reputation as one of Taylor’s go-to scents.

Givenchy Hot Couture is a fragrance that truly serves females with its unique blend of notes such as the fiery essence of Pepper, Vetiver, Magnolia, and the warm sensuality of Sandalwood, all made with with subtle hints of Musk. A master piece if you ask me!

When it comes to longevity, Hot Couture does not disappoint. With a remarkable staying power of up to 6 hours, you can confidently wear this fragrance throughout your day.

As the hours pass, if you do wish to extend it much longer, you can add 2-3 sprays. The scent delicately lightens so it will not overpower your fellow mates .

I once went clubbing in Los Angeles and I was impressed by its staying power.

Whether you’re attending a daytime event or going clubbing , Hot Couture effortlessly adapts to any occasion, making you feel confident, stylish, and undeniably alluring.

How Many Perfumes Does Taylor Swift Have?

Taylor Swift has 5 Fragrances of her own .These are;

  • 1)Wonderstruck (2011): Taylor’s first venture into the fragrance world, Wonderstruck enchants with a delightful blend of raspberry, peach, and vanilla notes. It gives a sense of wonder and whimsy.
  • 2)Wonderstruck Enchanted (2012): Building upon the success of its predecessor, Wonderstruck Enchanted casts a spell with its captivating fragrance. Notes of berries, sugar, and vanilla create a sweet and alluring aroma that leaves you smelling your best.
  • 3)Taylor (2013): Reflecting Taylor Swift’s personal style, Taylor fragrance by Swift showcases a beautiful composition featuring notes of apricot and orchid. This scent exudes elegance and femininity.
  • 4)Taylor Made Of Starlight (2014): Released in 2014, Taylor Made Of Starlight combines the luscious notes of apricot, peach, and orange blossom. This fragrance will illuminate your senses and make you feel good about your self.
  • 5)Incredible Things (2014): A fragrance journey like no other, Incredible Things embodies Taylor’s unique perspective on life. This fragrance has the presence of suede, vanilla, and passion flower notes that create a scent is feminine, cool and calming. I like to call it the ignitor of imagination and celebrates the extraordinary in everyday moments.

With her exquisite range of perfumes, Taylor Swift allows you to experience her world through the art of fragrance.

How to Smell Like Taylor Swift?

If you want to smell like Taylor Swift, here are three key points to help you achieve that:

  • Choose a Taylor Swift Perfume: To smell like Taylor, explore her collection of perfumes. Select one that resonates with your preferences and personality. From the Wonderstruck to the elegant Taylor, each perfume will give you a different experience when it comes to performance, longevity and versatility.
  • Embrace Floral Notes: Taylor Swift’s fragrances often feature delightful floral notes that add a touch of femininity and grace. Just like Selena Gomez, Taylor loves floral notes. So, Look for perfumes that incorporate floral elements such as orchid, magnolia, or other blooming blossoms.
  • Personal Grooming: Smelling like Taylor Swift goes beyond the choice of perfume. Take care of your skin by moisturizing regularly and using scented body washes or lotions that complement your chosen fragrance. Ensure your hair is clean and well-maintained, and consider using scented hair products that also complement your perfume. A fresh and polished appearance will enhance your overall scent experience. You can’t go wrong with that.

Remember, smelling like Taylor Swift is not about completely mimicking her scent, but rather trying out different scents until you get your favorite. You should pick a fragrance that aligns with your own unique style. However, you can embrace her choice of perfumes. But, do not forget to maintain your own personal grooming to enhance the overall effect. Ultimately, finding a scent that makes you feel confident, empowered, and beautiful is the key.

Where Can I Purchase Original Taylor Swift Fragrances?

To avoid knock offs, you can purchase Taylor Swifts Fragrances on Amazon, Sephora or on Taylor Swifts Websites. I have included links in the reviews to help you place your order immediately. The reason why I recommend Amazon is because you can easily return the item if it was not what you thought or wanted.


So, yeah… There you go, Swifties! You can now experience the true scent of Taylor Swift by wearing her one/two of her iconic perfumes. It’s time to try a new fragrance or maybe even get acquainted with the world of Taylor Swift- inspired fragrances.

Shop now and discover the magic of smelling like Taylor Swift! Thank you for your time. ( I don’t take it for granted).

By Louis Chloe

Louis Chloe is a French Perfume expert and Scent lover who loves trying out new scents . She lives in Paris but loves Exploring South Asia

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