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What Cologne Does Cristiano Ronaldo Wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo has done pretty good for him self . He has a genuine – dedicated global following. This is because of his football skills and charming personality. With 5  Ballon d’Ors and 34 trophies in his career, He is undisputed and we give him his flowers. But, that is not all. Cristiano also loves fashion and smells good too. So, what cologne does the “Siuuu” founder wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo wears CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo – Eau De Toilette Cologne, Origins , CR7 Legacy Men EDT Spray and Play it Cool By Cristiano Ronaldo. These scents are a mix of woody, citrus and bit of sweet notes. Definitely for the modern man.

I am super excited to review all the colognes CR7 wears in full details. So, if you have been wanting to try them out and support Ronaldo , I can confidentially say that it is worth it. After personally using these colognes my self, I will honestly tell you what I liked and did not like. But, after course I love Cristiano so its all love here. Let’s get to it!

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4 Cologne That Cristiano Ronaldo Uses

1) CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo – Eau De Toilette Cologne

Release Date2017
Top NotesLavender, Cardamom, Artemisia and Bergamot
Middle NotesTobacco, Cinnamon, Cedar and Iris
Base NotesVanilla, Musk, Sandalwood and Amber

CR7 men’s fragrance was launched in 2017. This scent is Woody  and Herbaceous. Cristiano hit the jack pot with this one because it is made for an active man.

Whether you want to go outdoors with the boys, play some sports or just rock in a tie for an official look, this cologne serves any purpose.

What I loved about the notes is the presence of tobacco and cedar. But, let me first talk about the notes though. The very Top notes are Lavender, Cardamom, Artemisia and Bergamot. The middle notes are Tobacco, Cinnamon, Cedar and Iris( which you will love ) while the base notes are Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood and Amber.

After a few sprays, I found the opening scents to be great, sort of drew me in with a bergamot and lavender-ish .

I also got a lot of cinnamon while vanilla took over the base. Even if it is a masculine scent, I think the ladies will loves it too ( my sister wears it by the way ).

So, How Long Does CR7 Cologne Last?

The only down-side I got was low performance. Sorry, but it does not last 12 hours. if you are okay with at least 6-7 longevity, then you are good.

I got a pretty good 7 hour longevity. One thing I would say is not to go heavy with the sprays, 2-3 sprays can do. It leaves a scent trail though it is not over powering.

No- cap but I think Harry styles should try this great scent out as he is known to love woody-masculine scents with notes of musk and cedar.

I like the dry down too . For someone who was looking for a masculine scent, I found this to be what I needed.

And , the price is good too . Love him or hate him , this woody scent is a crowd pleaser. I give it a rating of 95/100.

2) Cristiano Ronaldo Origins Eau de Toilette

Release Date2022
Top NotesBay Leaf, Mandarin Orange and Pineapple
Middle NotesClary Sage, Lavender and Geranium
Base NotesPatchouli and Vetiver

If you love citrus scents, you just found one ride or die – Origins By Cristiano Ronaldo. Disclaimer – although citrus is fruity.

But, it is not the kind of fruity that is overly over bearing . You will love the the presence of Mandarin Orange and Pineapple in this scent.

One thing for sure is that it is affordable. For a brand like Cristiano Ronaldo, you would expect his products to cost an arm and a leg but nope, they are pretty cheap.

Forget about what you read on the web, this scent is actually getting love globally. Personally , I love wearing it to the gym ( the fresh scent helps with the sweating and all that).

I’ve worn it a couple of times also and is quite impressive. It has a 23-24 hour longevity.

The sillage is way more than decent than I expected. You would definitely want to be more considerate and not irritate people around you with more than 3 sprays.

I also think it could have been more of a unisex fragrance . Ladies love citrus and fruity scents too . So, this could have done it for them.

But, all in all, it is pleasing. I prefer origins and CR7. I give it a rating of 90/100.

Best CR7 Night Wear : CR7 Boy’s 100% Cotton Home-Wear Long Sleeve, Dark Blue, Light Grey, Red, Double X Large

3) CR7 Legacy Men EDT Spray

Release Date2015
Top NotesGreen Apple, Bergamot, Lavender and Cinnamon
Middle NotesCedar, Violet, Peony, Rosemary, Sage and Orris
Base NotesAmbergris, Patchouli and Vetiver

Legacy Cristiano Ronaldo for men offers a fragrance that is familiar and inviting. The overall aroma is reminiscent of a warm and sweet embrace yet subtly has unique notes that sets it apart.

You will notice the top notes as being Green Apple, Bergamot, Lavender, and Cinnamon. These initial impressions create an intriguing blend of fruity and spicy elements.

As the fragrance settles, the middle notes of Cedar, Violet, Peony, Rosemary, Sage, and Orris join the composition while the base notes are Ambergris, Patchouli and Vetiver.

However, my experience with Legacy is an interesting one. Although, I love wearing this cologne for winter, I tried wearing it on during summer.

So, one summer morning, I did just 2 sprays. At first, I thought it was barely noticeable . Turned out, the heat during summer actually helps with the sileage. It evaporated fast but people still sniffed it real fast.

It was a pleasant and refreshing choice, with the apple and violet notes dominating the initial hours. Yet, as the day progressed and the temperature soared, a sweet, smoky, and somewhat incense-like note, likely attributed to the cinnamon, became more prominent.

This tells that you can actually wear this during summer too. And, for sure the longevity isn’t bad either- 8 hours plus is good.

Overall, Legacy by Cristiano Ronaldo stands out as one of the most remarkable celebrity fragrances for men in recent memory.

Whether you’re seeking a fragrance for daily wear or special occasions, Legacy Ronaldo for men is really charismatic. I give it a rating of 85/100.

4) Play it Cool By Cristiano Ronaldo

Release Date2019
Top NotesMandarin Orange, Pear and Bergamot
Middle NotesSea Notes, Lavender and Cardamom
Base NotesTonka Bean, Amberwood and Musk

Lastly, CR7 wears play it cool. If you’d ask me, I’d say he probably named it after his own playing skills on the pitch. Truth be told, he plays really cool football ( fun to watch).

Makes sense that he came up with the name. Play it cool also notes of Pear. Tonka Bean, Musk and Bergamot.

I purchased this the very first time it came out. It is great but not as great as the Red CR7. However, if you like Tonka and musk heavy scents , you will love this one for sure.

By the way, the visual packaging screams aquatic but it is sort of sweet and heavy.

I got around 6-7 hours of longevity. This scent does project pretty good and people will definitely notice you once you walk in a room.

If you’re a huge die-hard fan of Ronaldo, you should get this. I give it a rating of 80/100.

So, Is it Possible to Smell Like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Absolutely!. Why not? Now more than ever, you can smell just like Cristiano Ronaldo. A great place to start is his day to day scents.

You can start by wearing CR7, origins , legacy or play it cool all by Cristiano Ronaldo and pick your favorite. Start by spraying a few sprays and test to see what notes you love. Not all notes are created equal so give your self time to choose.

Where Can You Purchase Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fragrances?

You can buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s Fragrances on Amazon or via his official store ;cr7fragrances.store. If you do not have Amazon in your country of residence, I suggest you visit fragrances stores near you and ask if they have the one you want.

Avoid knock- offs . I really love Amazon because CR7 has a store on Amazon and you can return any item if you are not 100% satisfied. So get them on Amazon.

Recommended CR7 Product: CR7 Boy’s Travel Bag, Value 5-Pack Cotton Blend Trunks

Final Thoughts

There you have fellas. Let’s support CR7 because none is really like him. He deserves all the recognition, support and love.



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